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Lilac is a member-funded socialist organizing group doing local work in the Philadelphia area.

What does Lilac do?

We focus on a range of issues, including criminal justice, eco-socialism, debt, racial justice, housing, political education, and immigration.

We work with everyone in Philly’s left movement ecology, from electoral to direct action and beyond.

Aren’t there a lot of socialist groups in Philly though?

Yes! We use a different approach than our comrades in other groups, whom we work with all the time.

Lilac respects that different groups have their approaches, but we want to work across these differences to build power in the movement ecology.

While some groups only use “inside” strategies to do electoral work or “outside” strategies to pressure institutions from the street, Lilac does both.

Some groups have a top-down leadership structure that only pursue certain kinds of campaigns, while others are decentralized. Lilac has a mixed working group model that encourages members to work on projects, campaigns, and coalitions on a range of issues— while still focusing as a larger group on campaigns that membership agree to.

But what does that really mean.

We’re coalition socialists that bridge gaps between and within the progressive left and further left organizing.

We think Philly’s ecology of organizing groups can generate more power for the working class when we work together on projects.

We want to bring socialism to the mainstream, and bring the mainstream to socialism.

For real though, I want examples.

How do I join?

Please read our Bylaws and make sure that you're all right with everything in there. It's pretty important. After that, you can join by

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or signing up with a

Dues Waiver here

if you are not financially able to pay dues.

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