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Lilac Monthly News: March 2021

By Lilac, March 24, 2021

We stand with our AAPI comrades in their time of sorrow and rage at another of countless examples of anti-Asian racism and hate in this terrible, imperialist country. We remain committed to fighting and ending white supremacy.

Philadelphia School District
Philadelphia School District

School Reopening: A Crisis in the Making

For the past two months, teachers have shared heartbreaking stories of feeling unsafe and photos of inadequate conditions in school buildings on an Instagram page. New committees of concerned teachers and parents have popped up to advocate for more transparency. Rallies and actions were also organized by teachers and parents to push back against the decision, like the February 8 action.

“I don’t think they truly speak with teachers,” Katherine Riley said. “[Philadelphia Federation of Teachers] President Jerry Jordan had to tell teachers not to go back. That to me indicates how little the school district has involved stakeholders.”

The anti-democratic orientation inside the school district is deep-seated. After the school reopening announcement, Hite announced in an interview that the district would be opening for summer school only to later clarify that it is optional.

“The dysfunction has been the norm, only this time the stakes are higher for everyone,” said Max Rosen-Long, an SDP teacher and member of the PFT’s Working Educators Caucus. “The school district would rather put out a terrible plan then back up when people push back, than do it right in the first place.” (Read more here)

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