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The Lilac Monthly News: December

By Lilac, Dec. 23, 2020
People in the streets
People in the streets

#StopTheFOP Twitch Stream

On November 18, Lilac hosted a watch party on Twitch for a hearing held by the Philadelphia City Council on the Philadelphia Police Department’s contracts with the city. We worked with #StopTheFOP organizers to produce a public event to help people understand why this contract is so important.

The #StopTheFOP coalition was formed to organize around the upcoming police contract negotiations between the City of Philadelphia and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). The FOP represents the officers of the Philadelphia Police Department in contract negotiations and arbitration. The current agreement does not serve the people of Philadelphia. For starters, arbitrators have the power to reinstate officers fired with cause. This makes it difficult to fire officers who grossly abuse their power. Additionally, disciplinary records are rarely made public, and are removed after 2 years. Journalists have successfully filed Right To Know requests for some disciplinary records but these requests are not simple. (Read more about the #StopTheFOP and the stream here)

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