Lilac Philly

Lilac's Statement on Mike Doyle

By Lilac Coordinating Committee, Nov. 2, 2020

At our general meeting last week, our members voted to rescind our endorsement of Mike Doyle for PA State House in light of racist, anti-semetic, and misogynous social media posts made by the candidate.

Further, the candidate's apology fell far short of atoning for the harm he caused our communities. Seeking to explain his behavior, he stated that after the 2016 Election, “tensions were running high”. Incontrovertible as that may be, Mr. Doyle's use of hate speech during that time can only be seen as a greater failure; at a time when white Americans should have shown unflagging solidarity with their BIPOC neighbors, Mr. Doyle showed that he was willing to use slurs and mock their centuries of pain and oppression for a cheap dunk on Facebook.

While we are cautiously heartened by Mr. Doyle's stated commitment to repairing the harm he caused, as an organization we cannot abide such a failure of judgment and spirit.

Lilac Coordinating Committee